Marie Curie  

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In this issue...

Learn about Marie Curie, the two-time Nobel winning scientist whose courage and determination inspired the world. 

Noodle is an award-winning book series that features some of the greatest trailblazers in history. Inspire your children to dream and think big with stories of what is possible. But more than just a biography, each issue focuses on creativity and highlights lessons and habits your children can use in their lives. 

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- Academics' Choice Award 2019

"...the inspiration and lessons will be long lasting." 

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Learn from the World's Best

The key to success in this rapidly changing world will be creativity. That’s what we focus on. Creativity is a learnable skill. Instead of a flash of brilliance, creative breakthroughs are the result of hard work, perseverance and good habits. Each issue of Noodle reinforces these themes with practical advice and habits you can use in your life.

Designed for children ages 10 - 13, Noodle can be read in one sitting. When parents read it too, Noodle becomes a conversation starter and a great way for families to grow together.

What You Get

Each issue brings you:

INSPIRATIONAL STORIES from a trailblazer's life.

PRACTICAL LESSONS on creativity and success that children can use in their lives.

TEACHER DESIGNED activities that will interest and engage children to think creatively.

PLUS, a blank notebook and a sharpened pencil for your children to jot down their amazing ideas.


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3. BE INSPIRED. Develop the habits of creative and successful people.

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Testimonials from Academics' Choice:

"What a fun little book! The content was approachable and interactive, my son liked the writing style. It was humorous in some parts and packed with facts in others. The illustrations seemed organic and not cookie-cutter which I prefer. The activities were fun and really introduced ways for the child to synthesize the knowledge they obtained from the reading. " 

"I liked the size of the book, quality of product and the added pencil and notepad! The series teaches history, reading, writing, critical and creative thinking." 

"We really loved the writing! It was fun and full of facts too...  (My son) read through the whole thing without stopping and pointing something out to me! He was very engaged - so this says a lot regarding writing style, content and visual imagery."