About Us

Noodle is designed to encourage creative thinking. The series is built on the belief that creativity is learnable. Creativity is a skill we can all develop using practical strategies that trailblazers use. We created the series because we want our children to go into the world, charting their own paths, inventing their own futures.

As parents, we knew about the importance of showing our children positive role models, but we had trouble finding the right books for our children. Some books were too long and daunting, others too short and over simplified. We wanted something different. We wanted something that could be read in one sitting, yet be full of interesting information. From this the idea for Noodle was born. 

Noodle highlights the creative lives of icons and trailblazers. Each issue inspires children to aim higher, think bigger, and nurture their own creativity. 

We want to make it easy for families. We do the research, then design the books—and the best part—it’s delivered to your mailbox! 

We love writing and illustrating Noodle and we are excited to share it with you and your family. We hope our series sparks your child’s imagination, and builds your child’s confidence that they can, and will, invent the future. 

Happy reading—and writing!


Carleigh & Ed