What is Noodle?

Noodle is a book of the month club that highlights the successes and lessons from iconic trailblazers. Each story is written to be informative and engaging with lessons that are both timeless and practical. Each issue also includes activities to spark children’s creative thinking.

Why Noodle?

We believe reading different biographies is a great way for children to learn and grow. They show how one person can change  the world. They show real people doing real things, showing children what is possible.

Each issue is 20 illustrated pages long. It is written to provide children with a brief but meaningful portrait of some of the most important people in history. It is designed so it can be read in one sitting with inspiration and lessons that are long lasting.

What You Get

Each issue brings you:

INSPIRATIONAL STORIES from a trailblazer's life.

PRACTICAL LESSONS on creativity and success that children can use in their lives.

ACTIVITIES that will interest and engage children to think creatively.

PLUS, a blank notebook and a sharpened pencil for your children to jot down their amazing ideas.


Ready to start noodling?